Our Story

In 2011, mAc Global LLC was formed by Antonio McCladdie El. with a mission to enrich the lives of others. Antonio has been an entrepreneur since the age of 10. Using his allowance money, he started several retail endeavors such as offering candy and snacks for purchase at school and a family recycling center. His desire has always been to teach others to reach their full potential by being the example himself. Antonio has used his failures as learning experiences and the driving force of his motivation to succeed. He is giving others hope and encouraging them to live their dreams by leading them to the source of their own power. mAc Global brings all the areas relevant to Antonio's business and personal experiences, his mission and abilities under one umbrella and allows him to mentor others. The company is based in Cleveland, Ohio.

Our Approach

Our Story

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Antonio McCladdie El-Founder

Antonio is a native Clevelander having attended Cleveland Public Schools for most of his life. He went on to attend University School '98 and John Carroll University 02' & 04' (MBA).  Antonio has a very diverse educational background with a degree in Marketing and an MBA.  He has  experienced some of the challenges that plague our youth, especially those in the inner city. Antonio has discovered what he feels are some solutions that will provide a better opportunities for the youth in todays society. His own experiences have helped shaped him into the person he is today as he strives to be the best father and husband and man he can be.

Antonio's mission is to be an example for others to follow. He believes in demonstrating the limitless possibilities for anyone,  regardless of their circumstances. We all have challenges to deal with in life. Some challenges being physical limitations, lack of financial resources, or not having equal access to resources, information or networks. Antonio believes how we deal with these challenges will determine if we ultimately succeed or fail in life. We can make changes or excuses but we can't do both. Antonio is determined to be successful regardless of his background and where he started. No triumph has been achieved single handedly, he has received a tremendous amount of support along the way from far too many people to name. These individuals have provided him with opportunities, connections and in some cases financial support. Antonio in turn aims to help someone else succeed by sharing his success and failures along his journey.